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This student planner will assist you in being more success and goal oriented while guiding you through a proven process of getting organized, prioritizing, staying on task, and helping you plan effectively for your future.

Developed with expertise gained over 27 years of working with college students, this planner will be the most pocket-friendly investment you’ll make to take command of your college success.

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By using this planner, you can expect to:

• make wise decisions about how to spend your time
• stay motivated through the daily grind of academic work
• understand how to track your academic progress
• plan effectively for assignments, quizzes and tests
• know exactly how well you’re doing in all classes
• decide on your major using a proven effective 6-step process
• get clear about the purpose of your education (8-step process)
• pursue meaningful goals and dreams
• pursue intentional experiences throughout college to develop an awesome resume

This planner includes 90 planner pages:

• Packing checklist
• Shopping List
• Budget Worksheet
• Challenge & Support Resource Planner
• Purpose & Vision for My Future (8 pages)
• Major Exploration & Decision Making (5 pages)
• Resume Development (4 pages)
• Goals & Steps
• Yearly Goals Planner (2 pages)
• Class Goals Tracker
• Weekly Schedule At-A-Glance (style 1)*
• Weekly Schedule At-A-Glance (style 2)*
• Weekly Schedule At-A-Glance (style 3)*
• Weekly Schedule At-A-Glance (style 4)*
• Weekly Plan for Success (style 1)*
• Weekly Plan for Success (style 2)*
• To-Do List for the Week (style 1)*
• To-Do List for the Week (style 2)*
• To-Do List for the Week (style 3)*
• Priorities Plan
• Progress Tracker
• Semester Due Dates at-a-glance (12 pages)*
• Assignment Tracker*
• Attendance Tracker*
• Participation Tracker
• Grade Tracker (3 pages)
• Study Habits Tracker (4 pages)
• Topics to Study & Learn
• Reading Notes for Success (2 pages)
• Exam Topics to Study
• Brainstorming Tracker (style 1)
• Brainstorming Tracker (style 2)
• Workout Plan*
• Attitude Adjustment Tracker
• Affirmations
• Mindset
• Finals Planner
• Semester Review and Reflection
• Graduation Tracker

• These are instant downloads to begin using immediately.
• Reuse over and over again.
• You’ll receive 1 PDF with a link to the planners.*

*The link will take you right to Dropbox where the planners are organized in folders for easy downloading.

You do not need Dropbox to access the planners.

• Sunday & Monday start Included in these sizes:

• PDF – A4 (8.27 x 11.69 inches)
• PDF – A5 (5.83 x 8.27 inches)
• PDF – Happy Planner: Big and US Letter (8.5 x 11 inches)
• PDF – Happy Planner: Classic (7 x 9.25 inches)
• PDF – Happy Planner: Mini (4.5 x 7 inches

RESIZING…You can resize your new printables to any size. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a message with a link to a website. It’s fast and easy!

• Please note that the colors may be different than the listing depending on your printer.

Hi, I’m Karen.

I worked in higher education for over 27 years helping thousands of students figure out their major, develop effective goals, find their life purpose and pursue successful careers. I’m excited to share all of the proven strategies I developed over the years in this one-of-a-kind college planner. Welcome!

Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂 Karen

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Although this product is a digital download, only one person per purchase is authorized to use it. Please purchase additional copies if you’d like to share with others. If interested in bulk purchasing, please contact me to discuss a reduced price. Thank you for respecting my copyright policy.

18 reviews for College Planner

  1. Uche Onyeabo

    This student life planner is fantastic! I bought it as a gift for a relative who has just started uni, and I am so impressed with it. There were many more areas covered than I expected. It’s the perfect tool for a student that is determined to get the most out of their studies and general uni life experience.

  2. Sarah Heiner

    We got this planner to help my kid transition from high school to college demands. It is such a well-made and helpful planner that we’re looking into other planners by the same shop.

  3. Krystal Kilpatrick

    Friendly and supportive seller. This planner is well designed and useful. It has helped me successfully plan out and organize my college coursework and tests.

  4. Jennifer Grech

    The BEST College Planner I have EVER found! Thank you

  5. Nicole

    Looking forward to using this planner. The layout looks amazing and easy to use.

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