This is one powerful life planning bundle. Image figuring out the next phase of your life, setting effective goals, developing essential priorities, organizing next steps, managing your money, developing new habits and always having a planner to help you make progress you can be proud of.

It truly is a life changing bundle!

By using this bundle, you can expect to:

• gain clarity about what changes you want to make in your life
• feel more comfortable making life-changing decisions
• understand what will make your life more fulfilling and happier
• feel more motivated when you wake up in the morning
• refocus your energy towards what matters most
• plan and manage your time more effectively
• declutter areas of your life to make room for something new
• develop an accountability system for yourself with structure
• manage your money in an effective way
• develop and strengthen healthy habits to move your life forward

This bundle includes 13 planning favorites for one low price.

327 pages of guidance, tips & success strategies (6 of the 13 planners are FREE).

You’ll receive 13 planners in printable & 13 planners in digital. Bonus for digital users ~ You’ll also receive 3900+ digital stickers to use with your planners.

The following planners are included in the bundle:

1. The Design A Life Planner
2. The Essential Goal Planner 
3. The Perfect Weekly Planner 
4. The Ultimate Decluttering System
5. The Small Steps Daily Planner 
6. The Monthly Master Planner
7. The Manifest the Life You Want Planner
8. Build Your Strength ~ Habit Tracker Kit
9. Develop Your Healthy Habits ~ Habit Tracker Kit
10. Master Your Money ~ Habit Tracker Kit
11. Slay Your Sugar Habit ~ Habit Tracker Kit
12. Eat for Your Health ~ Habit Tracker Kit
13. Celebrate Your Birthday – Birthday Reflection Kit 

• These are instant downloads to begin using immediately (nothing is mailed to you so there are no shipping costs).
• Reuse over and over again.
• The final stage of the purchasing process will include 1 PDF with a link & directions to download your planners.

Enjoy the flexibility of having the planner in both printable & digital formats.

• Printable users…you may decide to go digital in the future.
• Digital users…you may want to print a few pages from time to time.

• PDF – Digital Format with Interactive Hyperlinks
• PDF – A4 (8.27 x 11.69 inches)
• PDF – A5 (5.83 x 8.27 inches)
• PDF – Happy Planner: Big and US Letter (8.5 x 11 inches)
• PDF – Happy Planner: Classic (7 x 9.25 inches)
• PDF – Happy Planner: Mini (4.5 x 7 inches
• Includes both a Monday & Sunday Start

You can resize your new printables to any size. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a message with a link to a website and a brief video on how to do it. It’s fast and easy!

~ an iPad or Tablet (some people use them on their phones)
~ an annotation app for the iPad such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability
~ an annotation app for Androids such as Noteshelf
~ a stylus such as an Apple pencil

~ OneNote and Evernote

Hi, I’m Karen.

Over the last 27 years, I have worked with thousands of individuals of all ages to develop effective goals, find their life purpose, pursue successful careers, overcome procrastination, develop healthy habits, and live a life worth waking up for. I’m excited to share my experience and knowledge with you. Welcome!

Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂 Karen

© All Design are Copyrights of Web Enterprises, LLC. They may not be resold, copied beyond each individual purchase or distributed without consent.

Although this product is a digital download, only one person per purchase is authorized to use it. Please purchase additional copies if you’d like to share with others. If interested in bulk purchasing, please contact me to discuss a reduced price. Thank you for respecting my copyright policy.


426 reviews for Life Changer Bundle

  1. Elizabeth B.

    Lots of information and ways to change the course of your life. Easy to use, great selection of print sizes & a digital format making it easy for anyone. Highly recommended

  2. Kathirasu

    Loved the bundle, because I can mix and match to my own needs!

  3. Tiffany

    I just took the time to look through this and it is full of create information laid out in such a visually appealing, organized manner. I can’t wait to use this in my life!

  4. Sambo

    They are ultimately planners; her work inspires me that life is DIY, and the design motivates me to work on my life every day.

  5. Jake

    It’s clear that a lot of thought and care was put into creating these planners. Incredible detail and quality content, easy to use.

  6. Beanman

    More than expected enjoyed the setup even!

  7. Jennifer Danese

    Great journal to manifest your life!

  8. Wanda

    Fast, thorough and thought-provoking…can’t wait to discover my future!

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    What a beautifully created and thought out planner. I can’t wait to get started! Thank you!!

  10. Chantel

    I cannot wait to use this planner! So excited!

  11. Jessica Rickard

    Huge bundle full of great stuff. I specifically wanted the Develop Life Changing Goals but I’m particularly also excited about the Declutter and Design A Life sections. I can really see how all 13 planners can be used to work together and I can’t wait to start adding them into my daily routines.

  12. katelynjoyann1

    Purchased this by accident and tried to cancel my order. I am so glad I got “stuck with” this purchase because it is AMAZING. I’ve been working at a better planning system and there are so many amazing tools in this bundles. Five stars !

  13. Browneydgurl2002

    Love them all!! So very excited to get started❤️❤️

  14. Randea

    This is so beautiful and helpful!!! Thank you!!!

  15. Psicóloga Larisa

    Great product. Love the quality!

  16. Cassie

    I am so excited to start using this planner, there are so many different things to help with keeping myself organized! thank you! i love it❤️

  17. Michelle Campsall

    This package is fantastic!! It has exceeded my expectations!

  18. Michelle Campsall

    This package is fantastic!! It has exceeded my expectations!

  19. Ann Stone

    I am loving this planner!!! Who needs a life haul? This girl does. Super helpful with organizing and not becoming so overwhelmed with all the aspect in life which I am currently working on improving. Thank you!

  20. Cortney Ronco

    Just what I was looking for to get me more organized and having more direction with daily life!

  21. Diana Alarcon

    Great design and fast response when I had questions about downloading.

  22. Melissa Buchanan

    I’m so excited to start printing out my new planner! I love that there are so many different options to choose from. Well worth the money! Thank you!

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    This planner is awesome! There is so much information in this planner to help me stay organized, on track, accountable, and improve my life and myself. I’m very happy I purchased this planner!

  24. Shannon

    Eased to use and so many different options.

  25. Carla Damian

    Best Purchase ever. Love everything about it. . La mejor compra que he hecho.

  26. Carolyn

    This was more general and open-ended than what I was looking for, but that is on me, not the seller.
    The product itself was excellent quality and well worth the purchase!

  27. Christina Fontanez

  28. lgrant7

    So happy with this collection of planner inserts. It covers everything I was looking for to get myself organized and build on healthy habits. Very excited to dig in.

  29. Javonne Turner

    Loving the flexibility I have with this planner.

  30. Megha Mala

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    Well worth the investment!

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    I started with the birthday reflection, and I am already loving it. I am looking forward to using the rest. It prints out really easily and looks very professional.

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  50. blueriverstars1029

    There are so many options, which will provide me with plenty of inspiration for many days to come. I really like that they are printable, so I can mix in pages that I make myself to supplement these. I appreciate that there are multiple sheets for the same topic which help provide different options. Thanks!

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    I am very happy with the array of planners for the price. I feel like if I use these like they are made to be used my life will change for the better. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because, I would of like them to be more colorful.

  83. Cosmojoeandpeach

    It really is life changing and cost effective. This planner allows you to put your wants and needs all in one place. It also offers suggestions and gives examples in using the planner. Best part is you can use it year after year. Great purchase!

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  89. tushar


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  171. Ashley

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  172. Jessica

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  178. Katerina

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    Karen, the owner of Loving Mondays has truly put her whole heart and soul into the making and putting together of her planners! Well done and thought out she did not miss a beat and has done a wonderful job at every turn of the page! It was very thoughtful of her to go that extra mile to include every size so that we could choose what size planner best suits our needs! Absolutely well worth the cost! Enjoy!

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    Can be used on its own or as a meaningful addition to
    Karen’s other brilliant life planners.

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  377. Vasiliki

    My friend and I have started weekly “accountability meetings” to support each other and keep on track with our goals and these compliment those meetings perfectly. We use them to set our goals, track how we are doing and then reflect on our progress. These are great!

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